Dear Americans (white women especially):

I know things are hard for you right now. I know you, personally, didn’t do anything wrong. You voted for Hillary. You are really, really nice to that black woman you work with and you never asked to touch her hair, not once, not even when it was doing things you didn’t think were physically possible.


But I’m going to have to ask you to do things that are hard for you to do. I’m going to have to ask you to watch the news coverage of what’s going on. In its entirety. Including the Vice report of Charlottesville. I know that’s hard for you. We’ll all take a moment.

And yes, to lose the sarcasm, it is hard to watch. It’s painful to watch such evil people talk at such length. But you have to do it. It is a mere tiny microcosm of the river of shit that black people have to deal with every single day.


You cannot, in all good conscience, call yourselves or anyone else the “resistance” without watching such things. Do you have any idea what the actual resistance did? In France, in the 1940s? They took incredible risks, and many of them were shot in the head, without warning. The resistance was secret, because if it became known by the regime that you were part of it, you would be shot too. Immediately.

I hope your country is not headed that way. I hope fascism will not take over. I don’t have any confidence in that. But if you are to survive,’re going to have to have the courage to do a lot more than watch a news report about neo-Nazis in your country.

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