I am freaked out today, y’all. I lived in the U.S. south for 3 years and came away with a JD and a raging case of y’all. It’s so useful. (I also watch Nashville, which may or may not be related).

We had our door replaced today. We wanted more security and less of a draught underneath. We picked a good company because doors are important, especially when you live in a big city. The guys came this morning and were lovely and did a great job replacing the door. They gave me the keys, which are from the lock company, which is a reputable company. I had to go out before they left, so they kept one set of keys, locked the door behind them and put the keys through the letter box, which is standard procedure for tradesmen here.


I came home, opened the door, all was fine. Then, about 5:30 this evening, someone put a key in the door and tried to open it. Repeatedly. At first I thought it might be the cleaning lady (she doesn’t come on Thursdays and wouldn’t have had the new key in any event). Or my husband (he does have the new key but he works late - if he came home at 5:30 I would know it was the apocalypse). But the person just kept trying.

Finally I went to the door and asked who it was. They didn’t answer. I opened the door (which was probably dumb, but it’s a busy street). It was a well-dressed blond guy in his 20s. He said something stupid about “registering” and how it was probably “[Number]A.” When I pointed out that there was no No.A, he apologised and left. He had a plastic folder in his hand with the same card that I had been given that morning, which comes with keys made by our lock company. He was so calm!


I called the door company and they made reassuring noises. But it can’t be a coincidence, that on the very day our door was replaced, someone with keys from the same manufacturer tried repeatedly to get in. I had an emergency chain put on, so even if the guy has the right key, he’d need bolt-cutters to get in. But I’m going to get new locks as soon as possible.

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